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About Karolina Palmér

Karolina Palmér (born in -77) is an artist and designer based in Kungsbacka south of Gothenburg, Sweden. She has always loved everything related to color, shape and design. Karolina wish that you should perceive her art as colorful, positive and joy –spreading. Her paintings is characterized by strong colors and people are almost always in motives. She gets inspiration from fashion magazines, daily life and from nature. Karolina has developed her art throughout life and today she collaborates with big companies like Ikea, Dixie and Palmolive where you can  see her design on different appliances as trays, fabrics and pillows.

Feel free to take a look around and see my paintings, posters and illustrations!

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Karolina Palmér
Järnvägsgatan 16
43441 Kungsbacka
Tfn: 076-3388498
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